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Established in 2013, The Community of Practice for Administrative Professionals has been operated by Halton Healthcare.  Administrative employees expressed a desire to increase their professional development and for ongoing educational opportunities to update and upgrade their professional skills in a wide variety of areas. To promote lifelong learning that will keep Administrative and Clerical employees on top of emerging trends and technologies and enhance  productivity in their day to day professions.

A Community of Practice membership provides you with access to learning events and a diverse collection of tools and techniques that will help you achieve optimal productivity. New skills and emerging trends & technologies, best practices and insights are gained by networking with peers from various organizations. 


Skilled Administrative professionals are the foundation for achieving efficient office management in any healthcare organization.

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Membership Benefits:

Higher Productivity and Performance

Administrative Professionals that have the most valuable skills and the latest tools will increase the confidence necessary to meet the rapid and ever changing work environment. Membership provides you with access to a diverse collection of resources and information thus increasing productivity and performance. 


Recognition & Inspiration

Administrative Professionals thrive in an atmosphere of professionalism and learning. Continuous learning will help you grow and become a high performer and inspire career success. In turn, your employer will see you as a more valuable asset and expert resource.



Obtain fresh ideas and insights through networking with colleagues who share the same passion. Networking allows the development of a shared repertoire of resources, tools, templates, ideas, and problem solving techniques.

Get ready to be inspired and transformed in ways you never expected!


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